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Reality Check in the New Age. Common Sense is Needed!

It has come to my attention that new theories emerge in the field of consciousness. The question is: How will you be able to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

One of those theories is that of a Flat-Earth: 


Sirus? Or NOT so Serious?



All particles, large and small in the Universe are Orbs and have a magnetic field. The Earth is also such an Orb. All planets, Stars and Atoms are.

To believe in a Flat-Earth is like going back in evolution 500+ years. Even before Columbus maps existed of Antarctica and South-America before they were discovered.


Off course NASA is hiding information from the public about Extra-Terrestrials visiting us. But to say that all footage and photographs from our atmosphere are fake goes too far in my opinion.


One has to rely on common sense here. The Volume of a Sphere is calculated by the formula: V = 4/3 π r³. r is the radius of a cicrle. A sphere is 3-dimensional, that is why you need to take in account that the thrid power is used.

All values in this matter are used by modern science to calculate earthquakes and surface measurements and have been proven to work.


As conscious citizens of the New Age I would suggest that we all use our common sense and when a new theory arises to research it and when it is too far off, to ignore it.


We have arrived in the age of ascension to help the population to grow in awareness. Not to be looked at as fools. If we want to make statements at the time of Disclosure we ought to have a good sense of reality and use that to give the population a clear picture of why we are being visited, explain about our true origins and our destiny as a human race in the realm of the cosmos when we will take our place amongst the adult Galactic Brothers and Sisters.


So I would advise all to stay grounded. Dreaming of the Golden Age is good, but I believe we have to manifest ourselves by the power of thought. Energy flows where attention goes. Remember who we are. Love and Light.

 This picture is the most used ever in the last decenia. Not everything NASA has published is a lie. Except everything related to E.T.