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Google Discrimination of Tags/Names. Possible Law Suit Ahead

From: Maarten Horst [] 

Sent: maandag 15 juni 2015 17:35
To: ''
Cc: '';;;;;;; Liesbeth Hofwegen (;
Subject: Tags, names -Censorship LIFT- Possible Court case against Google/YouTube!
Importance: High


Greetings YouTube,


When searching my name on youtube or google only the “mainstream” names like “Maarten van Rossum” show up. They are known, paid liars. (Media-Whores)



Also, when I upload a YouTube video and use tags like the name of my guest only non-relevant tags show up from football players etc.


I urge you to start importing the real names of famous internet people like myself, ( Maarten Horst ) , David Boyle, James Gilliland, Anton Teuben, Jeroen Ghuijs, Patricia Cori, bbsradio, findingvoicesradio, infowars, and all others ASAP.


If not, we will sue google Inc. in a Lawsuit for this in several international appeals for unequal treatment and discrimination.




Maarten Horst.






A lawsuit against " Mainstram media-Land" is in progress for theft and straight-out lies to the world public about 9/11, ISIS etc.


Additionally for defamation of several known investigative journalists like myself, Anton Teuben and many others in broadcasts from PowNED, NOS and others.