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Chris Kehler & "Whisper" on ET-First Contact Radio. MON JUNE 9

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Chris Kehler Bio:

Chris Kehler is a quantum energy practitioner in Manitoba, Canada. Chris uses the ancient form of pendulum dowsing for finding the root cause of all health problems and also works with pyramid energies for resolving the health issue.


Chris uses his extreme open mind to develop the fundamentals and theories for his successful healing protocols which he uses on clients around the world and beyond.


Chris also works within the universal realms of what can be causing a health problem. Using Keylontic science as a base, Chris is able to delve into the deeply rooted problems in the aura and chakra systems.


Using the alias, "Whisper", to protect his identity, this person has been plagued by alien/ET attacks for ten years  "Whisper", for the first time in ten years will publicly share these his horrific experiences in this public forum, lace up your boot straps, as Whisper graciously gives his time in telling the vivid descriptions of his experiences