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Primetime NEWS: Bart Bateman, Founder of TRANSOLOGY Live on ET-First Contact Radio







Tune in for a LIVE broadcast on Sunday March 16, at 9AM PDT, NOON EDT, 6PM GMT and 19:00 CET.


The Link to Listen is:


Information about Transology:

Transology, also referred to as the philosophy of "Transformation", is an evolving network of values for the nonstop enhancement of the human condition. Transologists affirm the probability and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human idea to such an extent that cutting-edge technologies from the unseen industry, also known as the reverse engineering projects, and the arcane message of the secret societies, such as Freemasonry, become widely available and generally serviceable to elevate mankind into a larger way of thinking. Transology describes the human race as a people in a state of destitution with an immense loss by the misinterpretations and false guidance of governments, social-economical corporations and religious orders. Transology states that we are a species with great amnesia in terms of our ancient truths. We have forgotten or neglected huge parts of our primordial history. Transologists believe that a transformation in our educational system is highly advised to outweigh these false pretenses, dogmas, outdated capitalistic systems, and fundamentally human limitations in the future. It suggests individual change to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and spiritual capacities. This adjustment encompasses the ethical matters of becoming transhuman and spacefaring, but also the pragmatic use of our materials and the efficient use of our planetary resources. Transology is characterized as a spiritual-technological evolution that provides mankind with a window of practical benefits and futuristic opportunity instead of waste and maladjustment.




Sumerian Haze op 16-03-2014 19:36

Hey Bart, good thoughts to you from far away... ;-)

Bart Bateman op 17-03-2014 11:13

So much in return Sumerian Haze.