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Disclosure MH370 - The radar images and conclusion




Disclosure MH370 - The radar images and conclusion
14/03/2014 | News

There is growing evidence about the disappearance of the Boeing 777 MH370 . These are the original radar images of flight MH370 which shows that the unit at one time speeds up and suddenly disappears . Furthermore appear round objects on the radar .

Such incidents have been reported in recent decades several times with me . A number of pilots I know that they have had contact with objects and were included in the energy field and disappeared from the radar . Often the device after some time came back on the radar and continued on his way . Pilots who have experienced came , it seemed, in a trance from their plane . Unfortunately, there was no tangible evidence via radar that Internet offers us . Many of these incidents have fallen under the carpet .

I have no doubt in the radar images showed. We are dealing with an intervention . There are plenty of indications that there are people on board engaged in Stealth technology which is a particular hazard .

I and many others keep in mind that the device will pop up suddenly and we can hear what they have experienced. From the mouths of the passengers We can prepare ourselves for a very special ending. Do not let yourself be fooled by the news through the usual channels and follow your own truth .