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ET-First Contact Radio with Brad Johnson and Dr. Joseph Marra SUN FEB 23




Show starts SUNDAY Febr. 23 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6PM GMT / 19:00 CET

Brad Johnson is known as a Conscious Matrix Communicator: one with the ability to naturally access their whole being or soul matrix. Since August of 2008, Brad has pursued the practice of meditation, conscious channeling and energy healing methods that have helped him to grow into a prolific facilitator of spiritual practices and metaphysical research. Brad Johnson is also the channeler of the entity known as Adronis: A light being consciousness representing an aspect of his own higher self existing within the star of Sirius A. Brad is also the founder of his own healing method: Body Regeneration Healing, a certified Usui Reiki Level 3 instructor as well as a skilled intuitive reader of the Akashic Records. Through, Brad is devoting his life to sharing the wealth of his information through his universal conscious connection with personal sessions, training classes, online videos as well as his own book: "Insights with Adronis from Sirius" co-authored by Jefferson Viscardi released in 2009.


Dr. Joseph F. Marra DNP, CRNP, CHt.


A Guiding Lite (


Dr. Marra is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and had an established practice in Altoona, Pennsylvania called the Urgent Care Center, until June 30, 2011.  Practicing traditional medicine in conjunction with the more holistic approaches, Dr. Marra is also a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, an intuitive healer and spiritual counselor. He offers a full range of health care modalities, addressing most health concerns and has made it his mission to be of service to all, in all areas of body, mind, and spirit, which translates to Health in its Wholeness … or Holistic Healthcare.


Gently raised Roman Catholic, he has always questioned religion and the tight box that each individual is placed, in regards to religion. He considers himself a spiritual person without the confines of a specific denomination, as he remains open to his life’s expression and the road to enlightenment.


Dr. Marra’s teachings have been heard all over the globe on his former Universal Talk radio show. He has hosted many unconventional and informative guest speakers from the metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal communities from all over the world. He did this to help us with “connecting the dots to this puzzle that we call life” or, at least, to “paint a more complete picture of humanity’s TRUE potential.”


Dr. Marra can currently be followed on his YouTube page ( or his website A Guiding Lite (  His current mission is to bridge the gap, so to speak, for those still questioning their own inner knowing and power. Dr. Marra’s goals are clear: To guide those who seek clarity in their own life’s expression. To support humanity, and the planet as a whole, in raising the vibratory frequency during these transitional times.